Jot+ Notes Import/Export Formats

Jot+ Notes and Jot+ Convert between them support a wide variety of file formats for import and export.

Here is a summary of the formats currently supported:

Name Jot+ Notes/
Jot+ Convert
Import? Export? Notes
Jot+ Notes 3.x BOTH YES YES
Jot+ Notes 2.x BOTH YES YES
Jot Cardfile 1.x Jot+ Convert YES
Jot+ Viewer Jot+ Convert YES YES
Microsoft Cardfile Jot+ Notes YES Some restrictions
X/HTML Jot+ Notes YES
XML Jot+ Notes YES YES
CSV Jot+ Notes YES Many variants and options supported!
Text Jot+ Notes YES YES Unicode export (UTF-8/16) also supported.
Rich Text Format (RTF) Jot+ Notes YES YES
PalmDoc Jot+ Convert YES YES
Microsoft Word Jot+ Convert YES MS Word (97+) required
Vault Jot+ Convert YES
Treepad Jot+ Convert YES
AZZ Cardfile Jot+ Convert YES
Action Outline Jot+ Convert YES
Internet Explorer Favorites Jot+ Convert YES
Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox Bookmarks Jot+ Convert YES
MemPad Jot+ Convert YES
MasterCook Jot+ Convert YES Supports .mx2 files


  • The above list applies to Jot+ Notes 3.3.0+ and Jot+ Convert 2.4.0+ only.
  • Full compatibility with third-party applications cannot be guaranteed as we no control over their file formats or changes between versions.