Upgrading from Jot+ Notes 2.x

Upgrading from Jot+ Notes 2.x to Jot+ Notes 3.x is overall straightforward, but there are some issues to be aware of:

Uninstall Jot+ Notes 2.x First

We recommend that you uninstall Jot+ Notes 2.x before installing Jot+ Notes 3.x. The main reason for this is to ensure that system-wide settings like file associations are correctly set up.

If you don’t uninstall Jot+ Notes 2.x, this is not a problem – the two versions can co-exist. When you do decide to uninstall Jot+ Notes 2.x, we recommend that you then re-install Jot+ Notes 3.x, to ensure that file associations and other system settings are correctly configured.

File Format Changes

Jot+ Notes 3.x notefiles have a different format than Jot+ Notes 2.x notefiles. Jot+ Notes 3.x will prompt you to update notefiles in the older format, giving you an opportunity to preserve the older file.

Jot+ Notes 2.x will not recognize a Jot+ Notes 3.x notefile.