Payment Options

Payment Options

Cheques/Checks, Money Orders

Money/Postal Orders must be in US Dollars!

Cheques/Checks, both personal and corporate, can be accepted for most major (hard) currencies. If you need a quote in your preferred currency, please contact us.

Please make cheques/money orders payable to King Stairs Software, and send them to us at our address.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders can be accepted from most government bodies and major corporations and institutions: Contact us to discuss eligibility. Pro-forma invoices can be issued where required.

Western Union

Payment via Western Union can be arranged: Contact us for details.


While we do accept payment in cash (in US Dollars only), we strongly recommend using other methods as cash can go missing in transit.

If you do wish to send cash, we advise using an insured/certified method (consult your post office for options) to protect yourself.

Please note that King Stairs Software cannot accept any responsibility for payments lost in transit.