Cannot Modify Notefile

Symptom: A notefile is opened normally, but the user is unable to edit notes, add new notes, or delete/rename notes. In the Jot+ Notes status bar you will see RO for read-only.

Cause: There are a number of possible causes for this problem, each with different solutions:

1. Notefile is readonly

The notefile itself could be read-only – you can verify this by looking at the notefile’s properties in Windows Explorer. This is a commonly seen when you copy a notefile from a CD-ROM/DVD, where all files are normally marked read-only.

Solution: In Windows Explorer, select File | Properties and uncheck the Read-only attribute.

2. Network permissions

If the notefile resides on a network server, especially in a folder shared between multiple users, it is quite possible that you do not have permission to modify the file.

Solution: Edit the notefile’s permissions (or the folder’s permissions). You may need to consult your network administrator to get the requisite permissions.

3. File is locked

Jot+ Notes uses lock files to prevent multiple users modifying the same notefile at the same time. If Jot+ Notes sees an existing lock file when it tries to open a notefile, it will open the notefile in read-only mode.

If Jot+ Notes terminates abnormally, or if a network connection is lost, a lock file can be left in place, preventing other users from modifying the locked notefile.

Solution: If you see a lock file (file extension “.jlk”) that you are sure shouldn’t be there, you can just delete it in Windows Explorer.

4. Folder is readonly

If a notefile resides in a folder (directory) that is itself read-only, Jot+ Notes will open the notefile in read-only mode. This has been seen with some Windows Vista folders.

Solution: The best thing to do is to move the notefile into another folder that is not read-only; a sub-folder of the read-only folder will do. In general you should not change the read-only status of the folder, as it is probably read-only for a good reason.