Jot+ Notes Backup

This topic covers which Jot+ Notes-related files you may wish to backup, and which files can be ignored.

Before performing any backup, close any running copies of Jot+ Notes to ensure all notefiles and configuration files are up-to-date.


Obviously, your most important files to backup are your notefiles, which are contained in *.jot files. The backup files (*.jot.bak) are not normally backed up, and you should not back up lock files (*.jlk).

Program Files folder

The JotPlus3.exe application file, and any of the other files in the application folder (normally c:\Program Files\Jot+ Notes 3\), should not be backed up: You must re-install Jot+ Notes, not restore it from backup.

Configuration Files

All of the files in the Jot+ Notes configuration folder can be backed up, and in most cases can be safely restored to another computer.

The location of the Jot+ Notes configuration folder is not fixed, as it varies between different versions of Windows and may reside on a network server. This is the recommended procedure for locating your personal Jot+ Notes configuration folder:

  1. In Jot+ Notes, select the Help|System Info command.
  2. In the System Information dialog, select the Folders tab.
  3. One of the last entries is labeled “Jot+ Notes” and its value is the location of Jot+ Notes’ configuration files.