Moving Jot+ Notes To Another Computer

If you need to move Jot+ Notes from one machine to another, this is the procedure you should follow:

  1. Install Jot+ Notes on the new machine as normal. You cannot just copy the Jot+ Notes application between machines, as the copy will not be properly configured.
  2. If you are a licensed user, enter your license details into the new Jot+ Notes installation. You will find those details in your license e-mail or certificate; a duplicate can be requested from King Stairs Software.
  3. Copy your Jot+ Notes notefiles (*.jot) from the old machine to the new machine. It doesn’t really matter where you place them on the new machine.
  4. Once you are finished using Jot+ Notes on the old machine, you should uninstall it. Uninstalling will not delete or modify notefiles on the old machine.

That’s really all there is to it.

Note that you cannot easily transfer your Jot+ Notes configuration from the old machine to the new one, since many settings can be computer-specific.