Printing Indented Notes/Titles

Q. In Jot+ Notes, How can I print notes such that child notes are indented relative to their parent?

Q. How can I print the note titles so it resembles the title pane hierarchy?

A. Both questions have similar answers, so we’ll address them together. The key to the solution can be found in the File|Page Setup dialog: On the Options tab you will find Note Indent, with separate settings for Title and Text.

Changing the Text setting will indent a note’s text relative to its title.

Changing the Title setting will indent a note’s title relative to its parent: If the value is 0.5cm, the root will be indented at 0cm, its children at 0.5cm, its grandchildren at 1.0cm, and so on.

So, to answer the first question: Adjust Note Indent\Title and print normally.

For the second question, adjust Note Indent\Title and print titles only.