Reinstalling Software

If you have a new computer or are rebuilding your existing one after a hard disk failure, you will need to re-install Jot+ Notes and/or myTasks . The procedure is pretty painless:

  1. Download the current releases of Jot+ Notes and myTasks. (If are still using Jot+ Notes 2.5.x, you can still download it from the Jot+ Users Private Area.)
  2. Install the software as normal. Note that the newly installed software will be in “evaluation mode”.
  3. If you have license information, enter it per the instructions in the license e-mail or document – that will turn your evaluation software into fully-licensed software. If you cannot find your license, you can request a duplicate; you do not need to purchase a new license.
  4. Restore your Jot+ Notefiles or myTasks to-do list and settings from your most recent backup.