Where Is My License?

You’ve purchased a license for Jot+ Notes or myTasks and expect it to arrive via e-mail, and it hasn’t. Why? Here are some of the main reasons, with solutions:

Your Order Is Being Processed

If you purchased online, orders are normally processed within an hour (often within minutes).

In some cases an order may be flagged for review, which can delay the processing. Manual reviews are generally completed within one business day (or less).

You Provided an Incorrect E-Mail Address

If you mistyped your e-mail address in the order form, we may not realize that it is incorrect. If you order online you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your order, normally within hours; if you did not receive this confirmation, it may be because of an incorrect e-mail address.

Our E-Mail is Not Getting To You

This one’s more complicated!

Because of the increasing problem of unsolicited e-mails (SPAM) and e-mail-based viruses and trojans, many sites and ISPs implement anti-spam measures to filter incoming e-mail. The problem with these anti-spam filters is that they regularly block valid (solicited) e-mails; even worse, the sender and recipients are rarely notified of an issue.

If an anti-spam filter is in operation, check your logs or junk mail folder for messages from kingstairs.com. You may need to consult with your ISP for support.

In extreme cases, you may need to provide us with an alternative e-mail address to re-send your license to.

The E-Mail Disappeared En-Route

Since an e-mail message can pass through multiple servers between ourselves and your mailbox, it is possible (though very rare) for it to effectively vanish (for example if a mail server’s hard disk failed).

So What Can I Do?

The easiest thing to do is to request a duplicate license. Hopefully the duplicate will get through to you even if the original did not.