New Release: Jot+ Notes 3.7.0 RC 1

Sorry for the delay, but here is the second pre-release version of Jot+ Notes 3.7.0!

There are a number of good improvements in this release (over Beta 1):

  • A number of bug fixes in the StyleMacros editors
  • Added some new date formats to the Options dialog (user-requested)
  • Fixed a long-standing issue with Windows 7 Tablet input (which at least one user will be very happy about)
  • Updated the help file about the new print dialog

The help file has a more complete list of changes.

Get Jot+ Notes 3.7.0

As always with pre-release software: Backup your notefiles before opening them in this release, and if you’re not comfortable with using pre-release software then you should wait until the final release is available.

If you encounter any problems, please report them to us, either via the support page or on our forum.