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    Additional “Find” option

    In a Google search, a single word can be searched.

    Two or more words can be entered and searched for and if a document has them all, it will be found in the search results.

    I would really like this latter ability in Jot+ Notes. I would like a Find option that allows searching for two or more words that occur in a single note but are separated in the text. If I have a note with “plastic” and also “antenna” I’d like to be able to find it when not searching for “plastic antenna” or “antenna plastic.”

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    I’d also like the ability to search from the beginning of a file, even if I’m currently near its end. Right now I have to re-position my cursor to the beginning of a file to search for a previous item. Small thing, I know, but annoying not to have this option nevertheless.

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    Try the Search | Query command.

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