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    Any chance you could develop a version to run on Blackberry and other PDAs? Even a read-only version would be very helpful. A full-feature version that could be synched with a desktop or laptop would be heaven. Due to tightened security in my government workplace I can no longer plug a thumb drive or portable hard drive into my work computer. This has cost me the use of my Jot+ “rolodex” when at the office.

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    Jot+ Notes and Jot+ Convert between them support a very wide range of export formats, at least one of which you should be able to use now with the Blackberry (or your PDA of choice). I’m not familiar with what Blackberries support, so I cannot point out a particular format.

    We can certainly look into adding additional PDA-compatible formats, as long as the format is publicly documented.

    Michael J Marshall
    King Stairs Software

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    I think beesquare is looking to actually run jot+ on his pda. Anyway, that’s what I would like to do on my new android phone. Just to be clear what would be really great is a jot+ ‘app’ that will run on android and allow me to view my jot files on my phone. just viewing the text would be great, and editing it as well a real bonus.

    Any chance of that Michael?


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    All I’m going to say is that Santa Claus brought me a book called “Hello, Android” – an introduction to Android development… 8)

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    Coincidence!! I bought that very book just last week.

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