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    George Snead

    When I try to save a jot+ file, I get this message in a dialog box:

    Warning [Jot+ Notes]

    Unable to save document:
    Reason: Unable to delete backup file
    C:UsersgeorgeDocumentstowson coursesCOSC716,Object-Oriented
    Reason: Access is denied.

    I’m including a snapshot of the state of the .jot.bak file which does exist. I use this file alot, so this is not a first usage. I’ve not manipulated the jot.bak file, so I don’t know what could be causing the problem.

    Is there a fix or workaround?

    George Snead

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    George Snead

    I solved my own problem.
    Somehow, either I or Windows set the .jot.bak file to ‘read only’, hence jot could not delete the backup file and abandoned the ‘save’ command. There was no internal problem with ‘jot’. (Perhaps it might have been coded to be tolerant that it could not delete the backup file.) The problem was environmental and could be fixed simply outside of jot: One just brings up the properties panel in the file explorer for the .jot.bak file and clears the ‘read only’ field for the file. Exit from properties panel and retry to save the jot data file and the save completes normally. Just to be absolutely clear, here is the field to clear:

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