Can’t print just page 1 of a note.

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    My better printer died (did duplexing) and my new one doesn’t, so I need to print pg 1, then reinsert paper and print page 2.
    I thought this used to work. Just went from 3.4.3 up to 3.6.0 to see if that helped, but it didn’t.

    If I click on Print/scope/pages, and tell it print page 1, it prints the very first note in that Jot+ file, not page 1 of this note.
    As I have no idea what the current page is in the entire file, this doesn’t help me.

    Anyhow, if a single note is selected, I cannot access the ‘pages’ fields at all.
    What have I missed?

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    This comes under the heading of “by design” 🙂 – it’s worked this way for years, and I’m pretty sure up until now no one has asked for this particular printing feature to operate any differently.

    The print dialog does need to be redone, among other reasons to make it more consistent with the standard Windows print dialog. Re-doing the page printing behavior will probably be part of that, though I cannot commit as to when that will be implemented.

    Sorry, I don’t have a quick work-around for this, other than to copy the note to a new, temporary notefile and print specific pages of that temporary notefile.

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    OK. Thanks for checking.
    As long as I’m not crazy. Well, I might be, but not about this, anyhow.

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    BTW, in case you hadn’t seen, the upcoming Jot+ Notes 3.7.0 has a completely redesigned print engine. Which (among other improvements) supports printing specific pages of a note… 😀
    More news coming shortly…

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