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    I thought I read that font and para formats applied to a parent (Chapters) will automatically apply to a child (Chapt01) and a lower child (Scene01)

    I applied font and para formats to Chapters. I added the child Chapt01 and a child to that, Scene01.

    Font and para formats did not apply to the child levels.

    Obviously I’m not understanding this, or I’m using an incorrect procedure.

    If what I want can be done, would some kind person please tell me what I’m doing wrong?


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    The most important point to understand is that the MS RichEdit control used in Jot+ Notes has no concept of “styles” as used in word processors. Jot+ Notes’ “Style Macros” are an attempt to provide formatting shortcuts – they’re called “Macros” because they effectively add formatting to text.

    The online help covers Style Macros in detail (and their limitations), as well as other formatting tasks.

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