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    As a Brit in favour of metrication, I always use metric units. So I would like to use a default tab spacing of 1 cm. So I do what the Help says, viz go to Format > Tabs… and set Default tab stops to 1.00 cm. But when I create a new note, I find its default tab stops is 1.27 cm. Which appears to contradict the statement in the Help that “This setting is specific to the notefile”.

    Next, I would hope, nay expect, that indenting (using M) would use the default tab spacing. But it clearly doesn’t. Moreover, I can find no way to set this value.

    The result is that, on the few occasions that I’ve created a new Jot file in the eight years I’ve been using Jot+, I have usually managed to remember the struggle I had the previous time, but have completely forgotten that what I’m trying to do is, as it turns out, impossible.

    Oh how I wish this could be sorted out 😕

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    This could be either a typo in the help file (it should be note-specific, not notefile-wide), or an error in Jot+ Notes (the default value is not being used properly). I will check on that.

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