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    In response to a user enquiry, here is more complete documentation on the Jot+ Notes command line options:

    Basic Syntax: JotPlus3.exe [options] [filename [password]]

    Per convention, items in brackets are optional. If an item contains spaces (eg filenames), then the item should be surrounded by double quotes.

    Filename is the full path of a file to load immediately. Note that filename can also specify a jot: URL (details below).

    If filename is a password-protected file, then you can optionally provide the password on the command-line to bypass the password prompt. For obvious reasons this is not recommended…

    The following options are supported:

    • -print or -p — Prints the file to the default printer and terminates Jot+ Notes afterwards. A filename must be specified on the command-line.
    • -noplugins or -nop — No plugins will be loaded.
    • -note noteid — Specifies the note to jump to initially. A filename must be specified on the command line. The syntax for noteid is the same as for note hyperlinks (see the Jot+ Notes help file for that information).

    Jot+ Notes URL Syntax
    Originally intended for use with Google Desktop Search (long story).

    Syntax: jot:filename?id=noteid[&password=password]

    Where: Filename is the Jot+ Notes notefile to load, noteid is a specific note’s numeric ID (see Note | Properties), and the optional password is the notefile’s password. Per Internet standards, the filename and password need to be URL-encoded (eg replace spaces with “%20”).

    Example: jot:c:DocumentsMy%20Notefile.jot?id=4&password=fuzzy

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