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    I open mytask, (licensed of course), I get:
    Exception class: EFileFormat
    Exception message: Invalid task count – corruption likely.
    Exception address: 0052CEDF

    The only way to recover is by opening the previous backup file. The corrupted file is unusable. This happens everytime I open mytask. There are 2050 task in there. Is that the problem?

    Please help!

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    Unfortunately, that sort of problem has a large number of potential causes, from myTasks to AV software to a disk problem. Do have any idea what happened before the error occurred?

    If you can e-mail the task file to info@kingstairs.com I can look at in the debugger, see if it’s actually damaged.

    Over 2,000 tasks is quite a lot – you might want to archive or delete some of the older ones.

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