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    Thanks for the update. I have just tried it briefly and am delighted 😀 it does not display the very wierd problem I have been living with* in 3.6, namely that clicking anything in the left tree causes the clicked item to be copied into itself. I reported that before and whatever I tried from re-installing to using a different computer (on the same database) exhibed this. So far, touch wood!, it seems ok.

    * by avoiding mousing in the left pane, just use arrows and F6.

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    I was just checking if there was an update and comparing against ‘About’ jot and found mine is declaring itself as 3.6.2 (651)… so I thought I couldn’t have got the latest though I was pretty sure I had.

    Downloaded and instaled 3.7.0 RC 1 again. Still says 3.6.2 (651) – glad its not my memory playing tricks!!!

    Happy New Year


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    To avoid potential confusion (ironically) the final version number (e.g. 3.7.0) is only used for the final release.

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    The confusion avoidance strategy does not appear to be achieving its goal 🙄

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