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    Please use this topic for all discussion of Google Desktop and Jot+ Notes.

    You can download the current beta release of the plugin here:
    Current version: 0.2.0 – 29 Mar 2006

    When installing, please read the installation notes in full.

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    Plug-in downloaded and installed easily with no life extinction or hair loss so far as I am aware.

    Most jot files have been indexed ok but occasionally the backup file is indexed instead of the main file. I uninstalled GDS and re-installed it which re-indexed everything ok, but since then indexing of the backup has happened again with one file. Can’t work out any particular circumstances to explain it. Not a great problem because it still gets me to the right place but it isn’t easy to spot the entry because it isn’t shown with the jot icon.

    I was also puzzled why Jot files were listed as ‘Untitled’ then realised that the GDS listing shows the title from the file properties, not the file name. For Word documents it lists the file name. So, I’m getting into the discipline of putting a title in the file properties.

    The ability to GDS Jot+ Note files really is a great help. Personally, I’m not particularly needing to get straight to the note because once I’ve IDd a file I can search in that.

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    On the indexing backup files – the plugin only registers itself for the “.jot” file extension, so I don’t know why GDS would also index “.jot.bak” files.
    If it becomes an issue I can easily update the plugin to ignore backup files if they are submitted for indexing.

    As for the title issue, I can have the plugin default to a filename if no document title is available.

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    We’ve just uploaded Beta 2 of the indexer plugin, see top of this topic for the URL.

    The indexer has been rewritten and now works so much better than Beta 1 8) – we advise anyone using Beta 1 to uninstall it now and switch to Beta 2!

    ❗ Please be sure to read the installation notes – they are important!

    As before, please add your comments, suggestions, bug reports here in this forum.

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    I was running a trial version of JotNotes. Installed the GSD plug-in. It is not working. I have tried searching for text that I know is in the notes files with no success.

    GDS Preferences show the plug-in installed.

    JotNotes Plug-in Manages don’t show it at all.

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    First, Jot+ Notes won’t list the plugin, as it is not a Jot+ Notes plugin.

    Since Google Desktop lists the plugin, we might assume it installed correctly. Does GDS show any errors or other messages to indicate that it encountered a problem with the plugin?

    As for your data – has it actually indexed your notefiles yet? You may want to ask GDS to rebuild its index to ensure that it does process your notefiles.

    Also note that GDS only indexes the first 10,000 or so words in a document. This is a GDS limitation, not a Jot+ Notes limitation.

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