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    As mentioned in the recent Jot+ Notes newsletter, we are developing a Jot+ Viewer for the Windows Mobile (aka Pocket PC, Windows CE) platform. 😀
    I’ve added this topic as a placeholder for discussion of this project.

    Current Release
    The current release is ALPHA 2, released 6 July 2006
    Download: (330KB)

    This release adds many important features, including a proper installer.

    Please review the readme.txt file included for important guidance.

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    I am about to purchase an IPAQ (Windows Mobile PDA)
    Is the Jot Viewer mobile still being supported?
    This is a great concept as my whole life is in my jot files and it would be great to have access to my notes from my PDA.

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    Jot+ Viewer Mobile is still “active”. Once Jot+ Notes 3.6.0 it out the door, we plan further development.

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