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    I make good use of and appreciate the supplied Note icons.

    I think I once suggested that an alphabet be included but recall a response saying that not all users use the English alphabet. Of course, I’d still like an English alphabet.

    I like the white on red numbers.

    White on green or blue or another color would be nice too.

    Of the plain numerals, I’d like to see 10, 11, and 12 added since I need icons for months and currently OCT, NOV, and DEC are problematic.

    Month icons would be even better if you could somehow do that but then, not all users are English speakers.

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    I totally agree with and endorse this suggestion

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    You do realize that you can add your own icons to the list? Tools | Options, Display, Note Icons.

    There are plenty of websites out there with free (at least for personal use) quality icons and images that you can use with Jot+ Notes. Currently Jot+ Notes only supports BMP/ICO formats, but there are plenty of utilities which will convert from GIF or PNG to BMP/ICO.

    Michael J Marshall
    King Stairs Software

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