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    Being a HUGE fan of Jot+ I thought I’d try myTasks (which I do in a Jot note now)… I installed this morning. 🙂

    Does/will the notes pane support RTF? This would be a key ingredient because certain text within notes needs to be made to “stand out.” I can be only “so” creative with the use of quote (“) and asterisk (*) characters to get my attention within a note. RTF was a strong selling point for me in Jot+.

    BTW… LOVE the for time stamping. Would like to see that in Jot+…

    I’ll be devoted to trying this out for the thirty days fo sure.

    Thanks! – Fred

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    Support for basic formatting is on the wishlist and is being looked at for myTasks 2.

    As for timestamps in Jot+ Notes: Edit|Insert|Timestamp – it should be on the toolbar by default…

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