The third pre-release of Jot+ Notes 3.3.0 – exception occurr

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    After a long while using 3.2 I just tried “12 Feb 2006 – The third (and
    final?) pre-release of Jot+ Notes 3.3.0!”. I installed it on top of 3.3.

    The jot+ data file is 5.5MB and situated across my MS windows network on
    an XP Home machine.

    The Jot+ beta is installed on OS W2000 on old IMB Thinkpad PII 300MHz
    256MB RAM.

    After light use for an hour or so I got an exception. Here’s the

    Jot+ 3.3 beta 3rd RC1
    Jot+ 3.2.3(511)

    1 Changed note order from alphabetic to unsorted
    2 moved a note up with alt-up
    3 cut that note with ctrl-shift-X

    Got exception: “Access violation at 0051F5F7 in module JotPlus3.exe. Read
    address 00000060″.

    On OK-ing the exception, I was able to paste the cut note with

    The file has no obvious damage.

    Phil A

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    Thank you for the report (and the follow-up information) – the bug is fixed in the upcoming release.

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