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    I am using beta at the mo.
    Although we have had Jot at work for years, there’s not a lot of time there to ‘play’ with all the functions, so excuse me if this is already a feature that I haven’t found.
    I would like the ability to create toolbar web buttons like the Kingstairs home button, that would take me to sites that I refer to often when using Jot.
    I realise I can link from the editor pane, but I would always be on a different note and have to switch back and forth.
    I’m thinking people could have their dictionary thesuarus site, or their companies website, or own home page – whatever.
    I use a toolbar feature like this in Excel a lot.
    I have found new features I love and perhaps a prob in this beta, and will find where to comment elsewhere on these boards.
    Thanks for a great app.

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    I believe this is already on the wishlist – it’s something that would work well in a plugin.

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