Here you’ll find some additional tools and utilities to make Jot+ Notes even more useful!

Jot Cardfile

Jot Cardfile was King Stairs Software‘s first product, and one of the first products designed to replace the all-but-useless Microsoft Cardfile!

Jot Cardfile provides many of the features Microsoft Cardfile should have had:

  • 65,000 characters of text per card (MS Cardfile: only 440)
  • 8,000 cards per file (MS Cardfile: 1,260)
  • Card titles up to 255 characters long (MS Cardfile: 40)
  • DDE support (precursor to OLE Automation) to control Jot Cardfile from other applications
  • Print preview
  • Search and Replace
  • A toolbar
  • The list goes on…

Jot Cardfile is freeware: No license fee is required.

This product is only available in a 16-bit version, compatible with Windows 3.x. While it should still work under Win9x/2000/XP/NT, we of course recommend Jot+ Notes 3.x for these platforms.

Download Jot Cardfile here

Download Jot Cardfile v1.31

Date: 15 Mar 1998 - Size: 537.21 kB


CardToJot is a utility for converting multiple Microsoft Cardfile .crd files into Jot+ Notes notefiles in a single operation; Jot+ Notes can only convert one cardfile at a time. If you have a lot of old Microsoft Cardfiles, this tool will definitely make your life easier!

CardToJot creates Jot+ Notes 2.5.5 notefiles, which can be used in both Jot+ Notes 2.5.5 and Jot+ Notes 3.0.

Download Card 2 Jot here

Download Card 2 Jot v1.0.0

Date: 30 May 2002 - Size: 275.89 kB

XSLT Scripts

Here are some extra XSLT scripts for translating Jot+ Notes JotXML into other formats (and vice versa).

KsXML is an ideal utility for XML/XSLT work…

ShadowPlan outliner for PalmOS 10 Feb 2004 – 3 KB
OPML to Jot-XML 25 Sep 2005 – 2 KB