Google Desktop

If you’re using Google Desktop to index and search files on your computer, then you’ll want to include Jot+ Notes notefiles in your index. We now have a plugin for Google Desktop Search which will include Jot+ Notes notefiles in your search results.

Known Limitations

The plugin has a few limitations to be noted:

  • Jot Cardfile 1.x files are not supported.
  • Password-protected notefiles are ignored. This is by design and will not be changed, as indexing the contacts of protected files creates an obvious security problem…
  • The indexing is performed on the entire notefile (as opposed to individual notes).
  • With large notefiles, only the first 10,000 (or so) words are actually indexed. This is a Google Desktop limitation (and an annoying one!).
  • The plugin has only been tested with Google Desktop version 5.x; it may work with earlier releases, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Future releases may address some of these limitations.

Please read the installation notes very carefully, as they contain important information and can save you a lot of trouble later…

Google Desktop Download

You can download the current version of Google Desktop from the Google website.


We’ve set up a topic on our web forum for discussion of this plugin, including bug reports, feature requests, and anything else. Please let us know if you’re finding the plugin useful?