Jot+ Notes has literally hundreds of uses, limited only by your imagination! Here are just a few of those uses…

General Uses

Here are some tasks for Jot+ Notes that everyone can use:

  • Address book: Jot+ Notes‘s Autodial and e-mail address recognition make it easy to keep in touch!
  • Diary/Journal: Jot+ Notes can password-protect your secret thoughts, keeping them from prying eyes…
  • Internet Links/Bookmarks: Easy to transfer between different computers, and a single click on a URL will launch your preferred application!
  • E-Books: Jot+ Notes is an excellent way to store short stories or entire novels.
  • Lists: From Christmas presents to your DVD collection!
  • Ideas: Put each new idea into a separate note and add new thoughts as they come to you!
  • Brainstorming: Jot+ Notes allows you to quickly create new notes on the fly, then makes it easy to organize them later into something more useful.
  • Random Thought and Notes: Let Jot+ Notes help remove all of those yellow stickies cluttering your desk…

Specific Uses

At work, at home, or at play, Jot+ Notes can help you organize! Here are some suggestions for different roles:

Research notes and references
Character notes
Plot outlines
Chapter drafts
Case notes
Client records
Call logs
Research notes
Case citations
Sermon texts
Parish records
Religious quotes and references
Patient records
Research notes
Class plans and notes
Grade book
Student evaluations
Travel details
Emergency information
Class notes
Paper/thesis drafts
Corporate Users
Company handbook
Customer details
Call logs
Project notes
Shopping lists
Family clothing sizes
Insurance details
Club Organizers
Membership details
Club rules/constitution
Software Developers
Source code snippets
Project plans
Draft documentation
Customer details
Bug/request tracking

Feel free to suggest new uses for Jot+ Notes!