Jot+ Notes for Writers

Writing of any sort generates a lot of disparate information: Research notes, character sketches, story/article ideas, outlines, bibliographies, references, and more. Even for a short story or article a lot of notes and text can be generated. Keeping track of it all can be a nightmare of computer files, paper clippings, sticky notes, napkins, etc.

There are tools for writers which can help manage some of this chaos, but they can be very expensive or require you to do things their way (which probably isn’t your way). And what about getting information into or out of the tool? If you want to change tools, will all your data be stuck in some proprietary database with few export options?

The Answer is Jot+ Notes!

Jot+ Notes is a free-form note application: No “fields”, no fixed structure. You can organize your data in whatever way suits you! Even better, you can quickly re-organize your data with drag-and-drop ease or let Jot+ Notes help with automatic sorting options.

Each note can hold up to a million characters, large enough for the entire text of Pride and Prejudice or Oliver Twist! A single Jot+ Notes document can store all of the information you need for your current opus, with rich formatting, embedded images and more. Finding data is also easy with Jot+ Notes’ extensive search capabilities.

Fiction writers can use Jot+ Notes to outline the plot, record detailed character biographies, store research materials and notes, and even write the novel/story itself! Non-fiction writers can use Jot+ Notes to maintain bibliographies, citations and references, and more.

Jot+ Notes is also a perfect brainstorming application – put random ideas into individual notes to be expanded upon or deleted as needed.

Jot+ Notes supports a wide variety of import/export file formats (more than any of our competitors), ensuring that you can get your data into Jot+ Notes, and (more importantly?) get it back out again!

Other useful features for writers include built-in word count and plugins for spell-checking and a thesaurus.

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