Jot+ Convert

Jot+ Convert is a tool for converting foreign file formats into Jot+ Notes notefile format and vice versa. The file formats supported are less commonly used or experimental; if a user requests support for a particular file format, it will probably be added to Jot+ Convert first.

File Formats

For a full list of the file formats supported by Jot+ Notes and Jot+ Convert, there is a new FAQ topic on Jot+ Notes File Format Support

Current Version

The current Jot+ Convert version is 2.2.0, released 13 May 2005. This release supports Jot+ Notes 3.2.x.

Getting Jot+ Convert

Jot+ Convert is only available to fully licensed Jot+ Notes users.

If you are a licensed Jot+ Notes user, you can download it from the Jot+ Private Files page.

To purchase a Jot+ Notes license, please visit the Jot+ Ordering page.