Jot+ Notes Portable

If you need to take your Jot+ Notes notefiles with you when travelling, then Jot+ Notes Portable will let you access those notefiles on any computer with a standard USB port.

Just install Jot+ Notes Portable onto a standard USB “thumbdrive”, copy your notefiles to that device, and go.

Jot+ Notes Portable is not a stripped-down version of the standard/desktop application – it all of the powerful features without compromise!

This is the setup file – launch it to install Jot+ Notes Portable onto your USB device. Be sure to read the post-install text in full, as it does contain very important information!


Jot+ Notes Portable fully supports plugins, and we’ve updated all of the official plugins to be compatible. The only real restriction is that plugins have to be manually installed (ie no setup application) – instructions are included with the plugins.

Plugin 1
Text Case

Frequently Asked Questions

How compatible are the desktop and portable versions?

Totally compatible. Both versions can share data and configuration files. The only real difference between the two is that certain features and configuration options which are inappropriate for a portable application are disabled in Jot+ Notes Portable.

Which versions of Windows are supported?

All Windows versions from Windows 2000 SP4 onward can run Jot+ Notes Portable. Anything earlier (e.g. Windows 98) has limited USB support.

Do I need a special license for Jot+ Notes Portable?

NO. If you have a license for Jot+ Notes 3.x, that same license is also valid for Jot+ Notes Portable!

How do I move my existing notefiles from the desktop to my portable device?

Just copy the notefiles from your computer to the portable device. You can place them anywhere; notefiles do not have to be stored in the Jot+ Notes folder.

What about U3 support?

As the U3 platform is no longer supported by its developers, we are not currently planning to release a U3-specific version of Jot+ Notes Portable. You can still install and use Jot+ Notes Portable on a U3 device – it just won’t be recognized by the U3 software.