Jot+ Viewer

Jot+ Viewer

A number of Jot+ Notes users have been asking for a way of distributing their Jot+ notefiles to friends, family or clients to view without requiring a copy of Jot+ Notes. Jot+ Viewer is the solution to that problem:


  • Jot+ Viewer does not require Jot+ Notes – it is a separate product.
  • It lets users view, search, and print Jot+ Notes notefiles – you just cannot modify notefiles.
  • Jot+ Viewer is free to distribute, so you can use it to distribute your notefiles.
  • Jot+ Viewer can be put on a floppy with notefiles and moved between computers easily – no installation is required, permitting maximum portability.
  • Can also be used on read-only media such as a CD-ROM, ideal for catalogs or reference material.

Uses for Jot+ Viewer

Jot+ Viewer is a powerful tool for viewing and distributing information:

  • Store global notefiles on a network for all to view, such as address books and reference material.
  • Sales information and price lists can be sent to clients for easy access.
  • Lecturers and teachers can distribute class notes and supplementary information.
  • Electronic books – put Jot+ Viewer and some books on a floppy or USB thumb drive for the plane!
Download Jot+ Viewer here

Download Jot+ Viewer v2.4.0

Date: 6 Aug 2008 -

Changes in 2.4.0

  • Updated for Jot+ Notes 3.6.0.
  • Improved Windows Vista compatibility (as well as testing with Windows Server 2003/2008).
  • Support for password-protected notefiles.
  • Internal changes and improvements.