One of Jot+ Notes’ most powerful features is plugins: Add-on modules which integrate into Jot+ Notes to add new commands such as spell-checking or expression evaluation. Plugins allow users to add functionality that not all users may want/need and which would otherwise bloat Jot+ Notes.

These plugins should be used with Jot+ Notes or Jot+ Notes Portable 3.6.0 (or later releases).

Plugin 1

This plugin adds the following commands to Jot+ Notes:

  • Sort – for sorting paragraphs in a selection.
  • Evaluate – a reasonably powerful expression evaluator/calculator for performing calculations without the need of a calculator or spreadsheet.


Provides spell-checking support. Distributed with US and UK English dictionaries. Additional dictionaries are also available.


Provides the ability to find alternative words. Based on Roget’s thesaurus, distributed with UK and US English thesauri.


Adds commands for changing the case of selected text.

Plugin SDK

For licensed Jot+ Notes users there is a Plugin SDK for developing your own plugins, for use in-house or to publish.