Users of Jot+ Notes 2.x or Jot Cardfile will need to purchase an upgrade to take full advantage of Jot+ Notes 3.x.

Upgrade Pricing

A single-user upgrade from Jot+ Notes 2.x or Jot Cardfile costs just:


Free Upgrades

In keeping with King Stairs Software‘s generous Upgrade Policy, any user who purchased (or upgraded to) Jot+ Notes 2.x on or after 6 Aug 2002 is eligible for a free upgrade to Jot+ Notes 3. Please contact us to claim your upgrade.

Free upgrades are license-only via e-mail; you can download the software from our website.

Update vs Upgrade

This question comes up every now and again: Updating from Jot+ Notes 2.3.0 to 2.5.5 does not make you eligible for a free upgrade, nor does requesting a duplicate license.

In general, if you haven’t actually paid for a license, it doesn’t count towards a free upgrade.

Ordering Your Upgrade

You can order your upgrade quickly online:

Upgrade Now!

Upgrade licenses are normally processed within two business days.

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