myTasks possesses a strong feature set, without the “bloat” so common to other applications.

Easy to Use

  • Clean, uncluttered interface doesn’t overwhelm you with information.
  • Icons highlight overdue and near-due tasks.
  • System Tray support allows myTasks to always be available.
  • Organise tasks into groups, one for each project or part of your life. Move tasks between groups using drag-and-drop!
  • Sophisticated print support including print preview.
  • Task alarms, with a handy “snooze” feature.

Advanced Features

  • Each task can linked to a file, folder, or Internet URL; launch the linked item with a single keystroke!
  • System tray support allows myTasks to always be available.
  • Archive facility to store completed tasks.
  • Backup facility to help keep your task list safe!

Configurable User Interface

  • Select which task fields to display and in which order – you choose the information you need!
  • Customizable toolbar.
  • Configurable shortcut keys – if you don’t like the default assignments, change them!
  • Sort on any column, and you can define a default sort to be invoked with a single keystroke.

Import and Export

  • Synchronize with Microsoft Outlook.
  • Export to HTML, XML, CSV and plain text.
  • Synchronize with PalmOS To-do list using the myTasks Palm Conduit.
  • Synchronize with EPOC and PocketPC/WinMobile devices via Outlook.