Release Notes

Here are the most significant changes in each myTasks release; for a complete change list, please refer to the help file included with myTasks.

myTasks 1.7.0

Released 20 Nov 2008

  • Improved Windows Vista support
  • Greatly improved Outlook synchronization support
  • New “Percent Done” task property
  • Added support for Window Server 2003/2008
  • (Portable) Improved compatibility with non-standard USB devices (e.g. TrueCrypt partitions)
  • Various internal tweaks and enhancements

myTasks Portable 1.6.0

Released 12 Jun 2007

  • Supports USB devices.

myTasks 1.5.2

Released 22 Jan 2007

  • Improved Windows Vista support.
  • Internal updates/improvements.

myTasks 1.5.1

Released 3 Sep 2006

  • Increased the maximum number of task groups and active tasks.
  • Improvements to XML export.
  • Fixed issues with Windows startup/shutdown.
  • User interface improvements.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Minor bug fixes and tweaks.

myTasks 1.5.0

Released 18 Nov 2005

  • Full Windows XP Themes support.
  • Command glyphs replaced with modern high-color versions. Also, disabled-state glyphs added.
  • (#125) Archive Viewer now supports column sorting.
  • (#171) More snooze options in the Alarm dialog.
  • More printing options.
  • HTML export completely reworked: Now exports XHTML 1.0, uses CSS for all formatting, and provides options for CSS.
  • (#127) A task’s snooze time is now saved between sessions.
  • (#12) New options to hide tasks that are due in the future (eg more than 60 days).
  • (#59) New View | Status Bar command to hide/display the status bar.
  • (#165) Filter choice is now saved between sessions.
  • More filtering options, including on user properties.
  • The help file has been extensively rewritten, and converted to HTML Help.
  • Many internal improvements and enhancements.
  • Task start/due/resolved dates are now restricted to the range 2000-01-01 through 2099-12-31; dates outside this range will be quietly ignored. In previous releases a smaller range (2001-2020) was only partially enforced.
  • Dialogs now display better with large fonts (not perfect, but better).