Privacy Policy

This document covers King Stairs Software‘s policy for handling confidential user information.

What Information is Kept and Why

King Stairs Software maintains information about its customers, which may include name, address, telephone/fax numbers, e-mail/web addresses and order history (as well as other related information). We also store e-mails to/from our customers. We do not collect or hold any information deemed “sensitive”, such as racial/ethnic origin or beliefs.

This information is stored to process customer orders, to provide customer support, to answer customer queries, and for statistical purposes.


Confidential user information is stored on a computer with restricted access; it is not accessible via web browsers, and only King Stairs Software staff have access to those files.

Credit/Debit Card Details

King Stairs Software uses agents to handle credit and debit card transactions; we are never given your credit card details. These agents have their own privacy policies, which you can review when you place your order.

Website Cookies

Our website uses “cookies” for internal site processes only; they are not used for any purpose other than to run the website and its components.

Third Party disclosure

Customer information will only be shared with third parties for the following reasons:

  • Disclosure is required by legislation (eg taxation) or court order.
  • To assist law enforcement authorities in relevant enquiries (eg fraud).
  • Disclosure is deemed to be in the company’s best interests.


If you wish to inquire about or to correct information we hold on you, you will need to contact us in writing, at the address below. For legal reasons we cannot accept requests by e-mail or fax. Inquiries may incur an administration fee, payable in advance.

If you have any queries or complaints related to this privacy policy, you will need to contact us, in the first instance, in writing.

All correspondence can be sent to: King Stairs Software, PO Box 16835, San Diego CA 92176, USA.