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Version: 4.0.0 (1 Dec 2019) What’s New?
License: Freeware
OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Price: FREE

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A single application can help you organize your life.

The average person has far too much information they need to keep track of: Both at home and at work you need somewhere to store all of your addresses, contact information, lists of all varieties, business plans, emergency records, etc. Ad infinitum!

The average person is also using multiple applications to store information on their computer: An address book for addresses, a recipe manager for recipes, separate databases for various collections, a home management program to record utility accounts, etc. That’s a lot of separate applications that need to be bought, installed, and kept up-to-date. Each application will have its own way of working, which is probably not your way of working! And every one of those applications will use a different method for storing its data, making backup and restore a nightmare!

Why use a dozen different application when a single application can do the same job with less hassle?

Move to Jot+ Notes Now

It’s time to move to Jot+ Notes, the premier note/outliner application for Microsoft Windows.

Jot+ Notes stores information in rich-text notes, arranged in a parent-child hierarchy that is easy to organize (and re-organize). There are no “fields” in Jot+ Notes, so there is no need to fit your data to another application’s often arbitrary restrictions.

The Jot+ Notes feature list is long and comprehensive:

    • Rich editing environment supports all of the standard word-processing features, plus embedded images and objects.
    • The user interface is highly configurable to fit with your style: Assign the commands you actually use to the multiple toolbars, and re-assign shortcut keys for your convenience!
    • Jot+ Notes’ search/replace facilities are powerful: Regular expressions, boolean queries, and more.
    • Plugins extend Jot+ Notes’ functionality: Add spell checking or expression evaluation (for example).
    • Optional password protection keeps your private information private.
    • With a broad range of import/export options you can easily get your information into (and out of) Jot+ Notes.

Who is Using Jot+ Notes?

Jot+ Notes is can be found in over 60 countries on six continents. Professionals in all fields, major corporations, government offices, financial institutions, IT departments; all are using Jot+ Notes.