Release Notes

Here’s a list of what has changed in recent releases of Jot+ Notes:

Jot+ Notes 3.8.0

Released 31 Oct 2017

The 20th Anniversary release of Jot+ Notes.

  • New print dialog
  • Enhanced printing options
  • New commands: Format | Copy, Format | Paste
  • Evaluation period is now unlimited (previously 30 days)
  • New (reasonable) evaluation restrictions
  • License price reduced to celebrate Jot+ Notes’s 20th Anniversary (Jot+ Notes’ first release was in Dec 1997).
  • Fixed some menu accelerator characters
  • Tweaked the Titles Pane display for Windows 7/8/10
  • Numerous bug fixes in the Style Manager
  • Numerous internal fixes and changes which while not user-visible will enhance performance and stability
  • Updated Windows support and compatibility.
  • Editor zoom setting now saved between sessions
  • Updated System Information dialog – recognizes Windows 10, displays specific Windows version (Home Premium, Professional, etc)
  • MS Cardfile import now supports NT 3.51 (Unicode) cardfiles
  • XML import now uses MSXML 6.0
  • Additional date formats added for Timestamps
  • Paste as Text added to the editor context menu
  • Updated contact information
  • Updated sample files

Jot+ Notes 3.6.0

Released 30 Jul 2008

This is a relatively major update, with a number of significant improvements:

  • Improved Vista compatibility.
  • Password protection no longer requires external DLL’s.
  • New Insert Symbol dialog replaces old Character Map; supports Unicode.
  • Windows Server 2003/2008 added to supported platforms list; Windows 9x/Me no longer formally supported.
  • Locked notefiles now give an option to ignore that lock.
  • Search/Replace Dialogs (plus others) can become translucent when they lose focus.
  • New File|Shortcut command to place commonly-referenced notefiles on the Desktop.
  • New Edit|Zoom command to zoom editor display in/out.
  • Many internal tweaks and improvements.

Jot+ Notes 3.4.3

Released 31 May 2007

This release fixes one significant (though intermittent) bug, where text copied from one note could not be pasted into another note.

Jot+ Notes 3.4.2

Released 19 Feb 2007

A maintenance release with a few bug fixes:

  • Note drag-drop triggered an AV in some circumstances.
  • The splitter position issue from 3.4.0 was apparently not entirely fixed for some users; this version should resolve the problem.
  • Minor improvements to setup, mostly Vista-related.

Jot+ Notes 3.4.1

Released 29 Jan 2007

A maintenance release with a few bug fixes:

  • The splitter position was not restored correctly.
  • The Open Last Notefile option failed when the recent files list was empty.

Jot+ Notes 3.4.0

Released 7 Jan 2007

Windows Vista support is the focus of this release, but we’ve also added some user-requested features and enhancements:

  • Paste As Text added to the editor context menu.
  • Support for WM_UNICHAR, which will be very important to users editing notefiles in multiple texts/languages!
  • Rebuilt using Delphi 2006, which increases the speed of some operations. Some users report significant improvement in file load/save times.
  • New preferences: Dialog sounds, close-to-tray, autosave on exit. Timestamp suffix now supports special characters such as newline.
  • New search option: Ignore note body. Maximum length of search/replace patterns increased to 255 characters.
  • New command: NoteCopyTitle.
  • New context menu for the Note Title Pane.
  • New command-line option: -note jumps to a specific note on startup.
  • Updated many internal components.
  • Numerous bug fixes, many in the search engine.
  • All plugins are also updated for use with Vista.

Jot+ Notes 3.3.0

Released 18 Feb 2006

As with 3.2.0, this release includes many user-requested changes and improvements:

  • New commands for quickly adding child and sibling notes.
  • New commands for inserting the date or time.
  • Additional user toolbar added (there are now three user toolbars).
  • New options for note inheritance (the properties a new note inherits from its parent).
  • Completely redesigned options dialog – much easier to use!
  • Improved support for importing and exporting Unicode text.
  • Added support for importing KeyNote documents.
  • Jot+ Notes can now be minimized to the system tray.
  • Compression support updated to ZLIb 1.2.3.
  • Underline formatting fixed.
  • Marked/readonly flags were being “lost” when a note was moved.
  • “Unused” entries in various lists (eg recent files or search history) are now removed from the configuration.
  • Search/replace dialogs now remember their settings during the session.