Release Notes

Here’s a list of what has changed in recent releases of Jot+ Notes:

Jot+ Notes 4.0.0

Released 1 Dec 2019

    • Jot+ Notes is now freeware.

Jot+ Notes 3.8.0

Released 31 Oct 2017

The 20th Anniversary release of Jot+ Notes.

    • New print dialog
    • Enhanced printing options
    • New commands: Format | Copy, Format | Paste
    • Evaluation period is now unlimited (previously 30 days)
    • New (reasonable) evaluation restrictions
    • License price reduced to celebrate Jot+ Notes’s 20th Anniversary (Jot+ Notes’ first release was in Dec 1997).
    • Fixed some menu accelerator characters
    • Tweaked the Titles Pane display for Windows 7/8/10
    • Numerous bug fixes in the Style Manager
    • Numerous internal fixes and changes which while not user-visible will enhance performance and stability
    • Updated Windows support and compatibility.
    • Editor zoom setting now saved between sessions
    • Updated System Information dialog – recognizes Windows 10, displays specific Windows version (Home Premium, Professional, etc)
    • MS Cardfile import now supports NT 3.51 (Unicode) cardfiles
    • XML import now uses MSXML 6.0
    • Additional date formats added for Timestamps
    • Paste as Text added to the editor context menu
    • Updated contact information
    • Updated sample files